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Photoshop Vs CorelDraw

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Adobe Photoshop software is pixel-based and produces raster images that professionals utilise. This software is predominantly used for editing, cropping, resizing, manipulating, and giving special effects to pictures. Corel Draw is vector-based software freelancers, and companies use to print large-scale banners and create business cards, flyers & leaflets, logos, etc. In this topic, we will learn about Adobe Photoshop vs CorelDraw.

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  1. This software is pixel-based and creates raster images that are used by professional
  2. It is developed by Adobe, and it’s the extended version of it.
  3. It reads a pixel from the image following layers used for detailed manipulation of images.
  4. This software is mainly used for editing, cropping, resizing, manipulating, and giving special effects to the images.
  5. This is more expensive than Corel draw by some amount.
  6. Adobe Photoshop is nearly the world’s leading software for designing and developing images.
  7. This is available in English, Dutch, Turkish and Swedish.
  8. In this, only one page can be formed, unlike Corel Draw.
  9. You cannot put the barcode in between the image editing.
  10. Most images from this software are used for web presentations.


CorelDRAW, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'CorelDRAW'

  1. This software is vector-based and creates images using a mathematical equation.
  2. It is developed by Corel Corporation, so it’s Corel’s graphics suite.
  3. This software converts the images to vector form as it doesn’t understand the concept of pixels.
  4. It is used to illustrate and create business cards, flyers and leaflets, banners, logos, etc.
  5. The price of this is lower than Photoshop.
  6. Its graphics suite 2017 is industry-acclaimed design software used for quantity-based work.
  7. It is available in English, China, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish languages.
  8. This software allows you to make multiple pages in a single file format.
  9. While editing the image, we can insert the barcode in between.
  10. Mostly, this software uses images for banner printing because once the image converts to vector, it doesn’t give a blurry look.

The difference between the two softwares is the technology they are based on; Adobe Photoshop vs CorelDraw is somewhat the same to learn as the parent company supplies an equivalent amount of tutorials and data to learn. However, from personal experience of using both, Corel draw is easier to navigate.

Photoshop, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Photoshop'

To sum it up, both software is excellent depending on your preference for artwork. If you’re looking for Print, CorelDraw is best suited to your needs; with the vector images, you will get the cleanest finish in whatever scale you wish to print. However, if you are looking for digital marketing, media posts, and online presentations, Adobe Photoshop is the best software for you.

If you need help designing your print work, don’t hesitate to contact us at Bunji at 01926 283222. Our in-house designers will create your vision for you using the best software.

Step by step on how to effectively design a certificate 

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1. What is an effective certificate design?

2. How to produce an effective certificate design?

3. What are the common mistakes in certificate design?

Effective certificate design works and provides visible results for the business; it is also a fantastic marketing tool to increase your brand awareness. 

The statement of any award or certificate is to create a memory. From the main features to the small decorations, you set a tone for how the certificate is perceived.

Make the design of a certificate, achievement, or diploma with care and 

remember that you are creating something to be proud of.

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Ask yourself, “What are the purpose of these certificates?” before you build the design. It would help if you defined the goal clearly. To help you set your goals, consider this:

Praise and Thank? 

  • Who are the recipients of certificates? 
  • What is the reason for gifting this praise?
  • Advance the significance of the education program or course
  • Increase the feeling of the importance of the event
  • Keep a warm memory for the recipient of the certificates  

For example:

  • a young person receiving an award after a beauty course
  • a child receiving a reward for exceptional behaviour
  • a student getting a diploma after graduation 
  • a doctor participating in the medical conference
  • Understanding your receivers impacts the style of the certificate design.

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  • How do you want your certificate to appear?
  • Colourful or restrained certificate style?
  • Portrait or landscape orientation?
  • Filled or minimalist design?
  • Formal or informal layout?

Decide on these essential elements. Your design decision is what makes this certificate significant. For instance, most universities use serif fonts and old-fashioned lettering on credentials to add to the ceremonial nature of the document.

Certificate Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Certificate'

It is important to remember that the certificate design should be attractive, clear, elegant and relevant to the award; for example, you want to avoid creating a colourful funny certificate for students graduating from a pricey business course. 

Certificate designs can also create brand awareness for your business, so ensure you are consistent with fonts, imagery and logo. Your plan should look like an integrated part of your marketing and correspond to the visual authenticity of your brand.

The main content of the certificate:

  • Title: diploma, sporting event, an employee of the week
  • Reason for issuing: graduation, achievement, participation
  • Full name
  • The date awarded
  • Where the certificate is issued
  • Issuing organization or company

Extra elements to help make your design stand out from the rest:

  • Signatures of persons who issued the certificate
  • QR code with a link to the certificate
  • Site and details of the issuing organization
  • Icons of organizations, badges of standards

If the certificates are designed for certain levels of completing a course or sporting event, then you can keep consistent colour schemes for specific levels. 

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You’ve almost finished designing your certificate. Look at it. Are you happy to receive this award? Does it fit its purpose?

Proofread and Check

  • Are all of the elements in line with each other?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Do all of the fonts and colours match?

Have you made any of these mistakes?

  • Blank certificate – not enough detail
  • Clumsy and overloaded design – too much detail
  • Styles do not fit – odd fonts and colours
  • Crumpled and shattered achievement – does it look brilliant?


Make certificate design step by step, avoid the most common mistakes, and you will be surprised at the results. Whether you create a certificate for a few kids in a school or conduct a mass certification program for thousands of people does not matter. You should make a practical design that will get results. If you’re still struggling, don’t hesitate to contact us at Bunji at 01926 283222 or find us online at, and any member of our team would be more than happy to help you design your perfect certificate. 

Why Should I Send A Corporate Christmas Gift? What are the Benefits?

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, marking the end of the year and the start of a festive break for employees to relax and recharge, ready for the new year ahead. Whether you’re looking for staff gifts to improve morale, or an easy letterbox gift that won’t involve hanging around for the postman sending your staff a corporate gift this Christmas is far more than a nice gesture, it’s the perfect business decision. Let’s look at the many benefits of sending your staff the perfect Christmas gift this year.

Christmas Gifts Office

Firstly, Christmas gifts are the perfect way to make your staff feel valued. We all know the importance of making your team feel valued. Use this time to help employees end the year on a high, showing appreciation and gratitude; your workforce is more likely to take a break feeling happy and content, encouraging them to return in January motivated and geared up for a successful year. Praising performance and recognising workplace contributions are essential to your company. After all, happy, supported workers are also much more productive ones.

Christmas Gifts

Secondly, with 2022 being a year of change, staff well-being should be at the forefront of your business-especially with many staff still working from home and meeting virtually. Research also shows that the lead-up to Christmas is the most stressful time for workers, with October, November and December being among the most demanding months of the year. On the other hand, some staff may be working longer hours to meet the end-of-year deadlines, coupled with social events of the festive season; it can all take its toll. A corporate Christmas gift is a great way to send positivity to the entire team, no matter their circumstances.

Christmas Gifts

Finally, the most obvious one is to say thank you. Many businesses have seen massive changes over the past few years and found their staff adapting to new roles, new working situations or even taking a salary or hours cut. Finding the ideal Christmas gift is the best way to say a huge thank you for all the hard work your staff have put into your business this year.

Find inspiration for your perfect Corporate Christmas gifts at or take a look at our sweets only site, for advent calendars and personalised sweetie treats,  alternatively feel free to give us a ring on 01926 283222.

Is a branded uniform is essential to your business?

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Help with designing the proper uniform to represent your business.  

Branded garments may seem like a simple work uniform, but they define your company’s objectives. The more memorable they are, the more effective they will be. Any organisation’s two most valuable assets are its people and brand. Your brand is essential to your business and must be represented consistently across all channels of communication. One of these channels is a uniform. 

For an employee, wearing a uniform that looks professional can be motivational and helps them feel part of a team. A uniform in businesses such as shops, restaurants and events makes it easier for customers to know who they need to approach for help and advice. And on the other hand, it is also suitable for businesses where staff members go to residential homes as it acts as a form of identification.

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The quality of finish in your garments can show your customers the high level of quality they can expect from your services. There are plenty of options for branding your uniforms and different printing styles to suit your brand. Firstly, the most cost-efficient for bulk orders we have Screen Printing. Though screen printing is one of the oldest methods of printing t-shirts, it has remained one of the most preferred methods as it creates vibrant and long-lasting designs.


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The image above shows: Heat Press Printing is more likely to be used for a smaller order, a more simple design, such as slogans and straightforward logos. Heat Press is relatively simple and produces excellent quality – appropriate for full-colour prints.


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The most popular workwear branding is embroidery; embroidery is best for creating logos on thicker garments, such as polo shirts or jumpers, which are long-lasting and durable. Embroidery may cost more than traditional printing. However, longevity makes it cost-effective.  


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Good quality, high-impact branded clothing and uniforms form a coherent part of your marketing communications. For any advice or further discussion of your requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts at Bunji, who will be happy to help. 

What are Vectors, and Why do You Need Them?

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Make sure to keep your logo and artwork of the highest possible quality. Here’s why you should be using vectors.

Unlike a standard image (Raster image), a vector does not depend on pixels and can be scaled to any size whilst retaining its quality and sharpness. A vector logo can be scaled down onto smaller printed materials or blown up for large signs!

For promotional products especially, it’s essential to have a clear logo on display. Keep your business looking professional and display your logo in the best quality.


Vectors, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Vectors'


raster graphic or image is created by pixels. Pixels are small squares of data. To understand what a raster graphic is, imagine a large grid-connected into many squares (pixels) of the same size. If you put a different colour in each square and back away from the grid, the separate squares blend to make up a picture. Raster graphics are perfect for creating rich and precise images. Every pixel in a raster image can be of various colours. Therefore, you can construct a complex picture with colour changes and variations. However, the downfall of raster graphics is that images cannot be scaled up in size very well. If you try to enlarge a raster image, it will look grainy and distorted because raster images are created with a finite number of pixels.

Vectors, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Vectors'

Vector graphics are more adaptable than raster graphics because they can be effortlessly scaled up and down without any loss to the quality of the image. A vector graphic comprises a series of minor points that combine to make lines and images based on mathematical formulas. The most recognized applications which handle vector-based graphics are Adobe illustrator, Macromedia freehand, and Corel draw. This type of graphic is mainly used for line art, illustrations and embroidery.


Whether you’re aiming for a business card, a banner, or a poster, you want your logo to be legible, scalable, and editable. Vectorized logos are an industry necessity, allowing designers the freedom to scale a file for any use, from a printed mug to a major ad campaign. Whether you need a logo vectored, placed on a template, turned into a virtual sample, or all of the above, post to our site or call us on 01926 283222, and we’ll take care of it for you and quickly.

At Bunji, we offer vectorization of your artwork for prices starting at £12! Format your logo today. 


Suitable Paper Stock for my print project?


Are you choosing the most suitable Paper Stock for your print project?

Paper Stock, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Paper Stock'

If you are about to embark on a new print project, it’s a good idea to understand the paper basics and what types of printing Paper Stocks to choose from. Choosing a paper type for your next project is vital in increasing its effectiveness, and knowing the differences between paper coatings can help you choose suitable materials. Paper Stock comes in all different weights and styles, three of the most popular being:

  • Gloss, coated paper with a high sheen, typical of what you see in a magazine.
  • Silk, coated paper with a non-glossy, matte look. There is a little sheen to the paper.
  • Bond (Uncoated), uncoated paper has a non-glare surface and is absorbent.

Which is the best finish for you?

Glossy finishes are great for bringing out contrast, detail and radiant colour in your image. There is no need to put a mechanical seal or varnish on the surface as the ink does not rub off on your fingers. The smooth, shiny surface allows for pin-sharp detail. They are typically used for posters and postcards and generally are less expensive than dull & matte paper of equal thickness.

Posters, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Posters'


Silk has a higher fingerprint resistance than gloss as it has more of a matte finish, the coating on the material is smooth and has a feeling of silk, but there is no shine. It is commonly used for flyers and brochures as it has a more premium feel. Silk, unlike gloss, can be written on with a ballpoint pen – although writing on uncoated paper is still much more manageable.

brochures, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'brochures'

Bond (Uncoated) Paper is the easiest to write on, often used for letterheads, compliment slips and notepads. Bond (Uncoated) Paper lacks the polish of gloss or the smoothness of silk; without its coating, Bond (Uncoated) Paper makes the perfect choice for any office stationery. Run your thumb over the uncoated paper, and you’ll feel the same texture as regular printer paper.

Notepads, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Notpads'

Ask yourself what you need your prints to accomplish? 

Will people need to read them, write on them, or just simply look at your images?

In conclusion, a gloss finish is best if a bright, colourful, and attention-grabbing design is your priority. If your prints contain mostly images with some text, the most popular and practical would be the smooth, silky finish. Last but not least, if it is mainly text applied in your print, then the Bond (uncoated) paper will make things easier to read and easier to write on your print, fill in details, or maybe make a note of appointments. 

If you’d prefer professional advice on your print job, contact us at Bunji, and we’d be happy to recommend the best Paper Stock for your prints!


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How To Pick The Best Promotional Product For Your Brand

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Bunji’s marketing products can assist you in finding an area you can monopolise in. 

Too much choice? Many different marketing products can make decision-making difficult when looking to promote your business or event. When picking the best promotional products for your brand, some can be triumphs, whilst others a disaster. We’re here to make your life easier, help grow your business and be on your side year after year. That’s why we’re called Bunji – ‘good friend’ in Aboriginal. Continue to look through our top tips on, ‘How To Pick The Best Promotional Product For Your Brand’ and then visit us at and we will help you get your brand out there!

Who is this for?

Giveaways bring instant brand recognition. Promotional products can be sent to a range of recipients, end of year gifts to boost morale, company events, new business promotions or simply thanking your loyal customers. Do your market research. Think about what product will suit the age, gender, group of people you’re sending these gifts to. Do they have a hobby or interest that will encourage your brand whilst doing so? Think about what it is that they want and more importantly what they don’t. 

What are your goals?

Where do you want to be? Start by setting an overall goal for your business, then set smaller ones with a time limit, “In six months I want to improve customer engagement”, then map out how you are going to do that. Your promotional products should reflect this goal. Postcards are a great way to send out personalised messages to your loyal customers, let them know that you are thinking of them and encourage repeat sales. Along the way you are bound to hit obstacles in your plan, embrace them, sometimes they lead you to the same destination. 

What is the Budget?

Set aside a certain amount of your marketing budget for promotional items, and plan how to represent your brand without breaking the budget. Look at your previous years in business which campaigns people responded to the most, what worked well to drive revenue? A budget will help with unnecessary spending and will keep you on track to hitting your targets. 

Lets Talk Products

Now you’ve considered your target audience and the budget you have for them, begin to tighten your search down to just several products. For example ‘notepads’, “office stationery”. Notepads are a non-intrusive way to show off your logo/brand. They sit on people’s desks, they’re taken to different locations, events etc. Without noticing customers are staring at your logo every day. 

The Verdict

Make endurance your top priority. Choosing the right promotional product is what is going to set you aside from your competitors, why chose you? Think about the message you are sending out, the best marketing techniques create a solid brand that will encourage loyal customers, excite them and have a little fun!