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How To Pick The Best Promotional Product For Your Brand

Bunji’s marketing products can assist you in finding an area you can monopolise in. 

Too much choice? Many different marketing products can make decision-making difficult when looking to promote your business or event. When picking the best promotional products for your brand, some can be triumphs, whilst others a disaster. We’re here to make your life easier, help grow your business and be on your side year after year. That’s why we’re called Bunji – ‘good friend’ in Aboriginal. Continue to look through our top tips on, ‘How To Pick The Best Promotional Product For Your Brand’ and then visit us at and we will help you get your brand out there!

Who is this for?

Giveaways bring instant brand recognition. Promotional products can be sent to a range of recipients, end of year gifts to boost morale, company events, new business promotions or simply thanking your loyal customers. Do your market research. Think about what product will suit the age, gender, group of people you’re sending these gifts to. Do they have a hobby or interest that will encourage your brand whilst doing so? Think about what it is that they want and more importantly what they don’t. 

What are your goals?

Where do you want to be? Start by setting an overall goal for your business, then set smaller ones with a time limit, “In six months I want to improve customer engagement”, then map out how you are going to do that. Your promotional products should reflect this goal. Postcards are a great way to send out personalised messages to your loyal customers, let them know that you are thinking of them and encourage repeat sales. Along the way you are bound to hit obstacles in your plan, embrace them, sometimes they lead you to the same destination. 

What is the Budget?

Set aside a certain amount of your marketing budget for promotional items, and plan how to represent your brand without breaking the budget. Look at your previous years in business which campaigns people responded to the most, what worked well to drive revenue? A budget will help with unnecessary spending and will keep you on track to hitting your targets. 

Lets Talk Products

Now you’ve considered your target audience and the budget you have for them, begin to tighten your search down to just several products. For example ‘notepads’, “office stationery”. Notepads are a non-intrusive way to show off your logo/brand. They sit on people’s desks, they’re taken to different locations, events etc. Without noticing customers are staring at your logo every day. 

The Verdict

Make endurance your top priority. Choosing the right promotional product is what is going to set you aside from your competitors, why chose you? Think about the message you are sending out, the best marketing techniques create a solid brand that will encourage loyal customers, excite them and have a little fun!