Suitable Paper Stock for my print project?


Are you choosing the most suitable Paper Stock for your print project?

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If you are about to embark on a new print project, it’s a good idea to understand the paper basics and what types of printing Paper Stocks to choose from. Choosing a paper type for your next project is vital in increasing its effectiveness, and knowing the differences between paper coatings can help you choose suitable materials. Paper Stock comes in all different weights and styles, three of the most popular being:

  • Gloss, coated paper with a high sheen, typical of what you see in a magazine.
  • Silk, coated paper with a non-glossy, matte look. There is a little sheen to the paper.
  • Bond (Uncoated), uncoated paper has a non-glare surface and is absorbent.

Which is the best finish for you?

Glossy finishes are great for bringing out contrast, detail and radiant colour in your image. There is no need to put a mechanical seal or varnish on the surface as the ink does not rub off on your fingers. The smooth, shiny surface allows for pin-sharp detail. They are typically used for posters and postcards and generally are less expensive than dull & matte paper of equal thickness.

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Silk has a higher fingerprint resistance than gloss as it has more of a matte finish, the coating on the material is smooth and has a feeling of silk, but there is no shine. It is commonly used for flyers and brochures as it has a more premium feel. Silk, unlike gloss, can be written on with a ballpoint pen – although writing on uncoated paper is still much more manageable.

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Bond (Uncoated) Paper is the easiest to write on, often used for letterheads, compliment slips and notepads. Bond (Uncoated) Paper lacks the polish of gloss or the smoothness of silk; without its coating, Bond (Uncoated) Paper makes the perfect choice for any office stationery. Run your thumb over the uncoated paper, and you’ll feel the same texture as regular printer paper.

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Ask yourself what you need your prints to accomplish? 

Will people need to read them, write on them, or just simply look at your images?

In conclusion, a gloss finish is best if a bright, colourful, and attention-grabbing design is your priority. If your prints contain mostly images with some text, the most popular and practical would be the smooth, silky finish. Last but not least, if it is mainly text applied in your print, then the Bond (uncoated) paper will make things easier to read and easier to write on your print, fill in details, or maybe make a note of appointments. 

If you’d prefer professional advice on your print job, contact us at Bunji, and we’d be happy to recommend the best Paper Stock for your prints!


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