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How to promote your Business this Christmas Season

It’s Christmas Season! Flashy commercials. Doorbuster deals. It’s holiday shopping season again – and if you own a local business, competition from big box stores can be fierce. Need inspiration? Here’s how to get people to think of your business when they shop local for the holidays.

Firstly, customising your packaging is a unique way to add a touch of luxury and class to your products over Christmas, if coupled with a Christmas edition product, it can really help create a sense of ‘exclusivity’ around your product.

Christmas Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Christmas'

Update your imagery.

Something that almost any business can do is to update all branding with a bit of festive flair. Adjust your logo and social media profile pictures to incorporate elements associated with Christmas and use it throughout the season, both online and in any printed media. Anyone that visits your web store, blog or social media pages should know that you’ve got a Christmas promotion on. An easy-to-read banner is essentially showing how you can save your customers money this festive season, and that’s a great message for you to deliver. Not only can you show your social updates in your feeds, but you can also filter each feed to show content based on:

  • Hashtags
  • Search terms
  • Specific users
  • Mentions
  • Media type
  • And more

Adding social feeds to your site is an excellent Christmas social media marketing idea that also engages website visitors with fresh, exciting content.

Christmas Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Christmas'

Launch a Countdown to Christmas Campaign

You’ve probably seen many brands jump on the ‘12 days of Christmas’ trend over the years. And the reason behind that is it works. The idea behind this Christmas marketing campaign is that over 12 days, you focus on promoting discounted items one day at a time. So, each day offers a discount for a different product. Besides mixing things up for your audience, Christmas countdowns add scarcity to your marketing efforts. Since each item has a discount for 24 hours, shoppers must act fast to get the deal.

Christmas Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Christmas'

Be More Personal with Printed Holiday Cards

The internet and related technology have made it considerably easier to distribute holiday cards to your customers, but this has also made this gesture a lot less personal. Depending on how much personal information you collect from customers, consider making holiday cards personal again by having them printed and sent out via the postal system. Regardless of whether you send out digital or printed holiday cards, including a small gift – such as an exclusive discount – is an awesome way to remind your customers that you appreciate their support while encouraging them to continue supporting you.

Christmas Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Christmas'

Push printed vouchers, discount cards, loyalty cards

Many businesses that experience a lift over Christmas also experience a lull in the following weeks or months. Help to keep interest going and boost sales into the new year by offering incentives. Throughout December, for example, you might offer a voucher or booklet of coupons with every transaction over £10 that entitles the customer to a discount on purchases between new year and Easter.

Retailers might also think about using the increased footfall over Christmas to increase sign-ups to a loyalty scheme. Be wary not to let the sign-up process cause hold-ups at the till during busy trading hours, though. A form that the customer can fill out, or a flyer that directs them to take their application online, will avoid clogging up the counter.

Christmas Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Christmas'

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