Vector, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Vector'

What are Vectors, and Why do You Need Them?

Make sure to keep your logo and artwork of the highest possible quality. Here’s why you should be using vectors.

Unlike a standard image (Raster image), a vector does not depend on pixels and can be scaled to any size whilst retaining its quality and sharpness. A vector logo can be scaled down onto smaller printed materials or blown up for large signs!

For promotional products especially, it’s essential to have a clear logo on display. Keep your business looking professional and display your logo in the best quality.


Vectors, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Vectors'


raster graphic or image is created by pixels. Pixels are small squares of data. To understand what a raster graphic is, imagine a large grid-connected into many squares (pixels) of the same size. If you put a different colour in each square and back away from the grid, the separate squares blend to make up a picture. Raster graphics are perfect for creating rich and precise images. Every pixel in a raster image can be of various colours. Therefore, you can construct a complex picture with colour changes and variations. However, the downfall of raster graphics is that images cannot be scaled up in size very well. If you try to enlarge a raster image, it will look grainy and distorted because raster images are created with a finite number of pixels.

Vectors, Rich results on google SERP when searching for 'Vectors'

Vector graphics are more adaptable than raster graphics because they can be effortlessly scaled up and down without any loss to the quality of the image. A vector graphic comprises a series of minor points that combine to make lines and images based on mathematical formulas. The most recognized applications which handle vector-based graphics are Adobe illustrator, Macromedia freehand, and Corel draw. This type of graphic is mainly used for line art, illustrations and embroidery.


Whether you’re aiming for a business card, a banner, or a poster, you want your logo to be legible, scalable, and editable. Vectorized logos are an industry necessity, allowing designers the freedom to scale a file for any use, from a printed mug to a major ad campaign. Whether you need a logo vectored, placed on a template, turned into a virtual sample, or all of the above, post to our site or call us on 01926 283222, and we’ll take care of it for you and quickly.

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