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Bunji knows how important design and artwork are to the success of a business. No wiser words were said than “a picture says a thousand words”, and whether you have existing artwork and would like it refreshed or you could just be starting in business and want a design created to project your business, Bunji can provide a stunning design that does not cost the earth.

For example, if you would like us to create a business card from scratch (logo excluded), we can provide the artwork for your business card for £12.00 + Vat, that’s it and if you require a design for all your business Stationery, its £65.00 + Vat.

Business Stationery and marketing materials are a great way to show where you are going. If you’re just starting out and want to make an immediate impact, or you’re an established business needing a new direction, get in touch. We want to discuss your brand values so we can help you can stand out in a crowded business landscape. 

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